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Sound Healing Promotes Harmonious Health

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Sound healing has existed since ancient times; it is gentle, yet powerful. The premise is simple - Everything vibrates at a certain pitch. If you tap a glass, that glass will vibrate at a specific pitch. If we have a singer stand next to the glass and sing at that precise pitch, it creates a resonance within the glass and sets it into vibration.

Tuning forks apply the same principle, using precise frequencies designed to resonate within the body. The belief is that when the body is in state of illness or stress, its vibrational frequencies are thrown out of sync. Then, healthy vibrational frequencies create a renewed resonance and bring it back into a state of balance and harmony.

Research also suggests that tuning forks can help increase natural nitric oxide production in cells, which helps the nervous system, immune system and vascular system, as well as pain and stress relief. Different frequencies of tuning forks can produce very different effects. One fork may help promote a deep sense of meditation and stillness, while another one could bring revitalizing energy and joy. Others are designed to positively influence the heart, brainwave state and Chakras (via Reiki). Multiple tuning forks may be sounded together to create different effects. Tuning fork sessions are very relaxing, and offered in the office, as well as distance sessions. Many string players tune their instruments to the most crucial healing interval of all the perfect fifth notes that are five letter names apart, (such as an A to an E). The length of bones and limbs are mathematically connected to this tuning ratio.

Tuning fork healers associate the fifth with joint mobility, heart balancing, immune enhancement, nervous system balancing and lifting depression, among other benefits.

There are sound healing methods designed specifically for the brain. A binaural beat occurs when two different pitches are sounded, one in each ear. The two hemispheres of the brain then work together to make sense of what it is hearing. In doing so, it hears the difference in tone between two different pitches. In the case of tuning forks designed to resonate with our brain waves, two different forks are held apart, one near each ear, so our brain hears the binaural beats as a pulse between the two forks. This pulse matches the frequency of different brain waves, depending on which forks are used.

There is a belief that our brain will resonate with the pulse it is hearing. This is called entrainment. The binaural beats can then encourage us to shift into awareness of each different brain wave. The idea is that over time, as we learn the feeling of each brain wave, we can shift into these feelings seamlessly, even without using tuning forks. Proponents of this method say it helps them to relax and sleep more soundly.

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