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Elana has over 20 years of teaching experience, and her students have held concertmaster and principal positions in orchestras including the New York Youth Symphony, Region 1 Orchestra, and Bergen Youth Orchestra.  Some of her students have gone on to performance careers.  Elana's teaching places an emphasis on attention to detail and technique, as well as using the body correctly in order to achieve precision in playing and a powerful sound.  She teaches classical Russian technique as used by Heifetz and many of the other violin greats.

Elana received her music degree from Rutgers University, where she was a recipient of the Marryott Music Scholarship.  Upon graduation, she began actively freelancing in the NYC metro area.  Performances have taken her throughout Northern America.  Principal teachers include Neil Weintrob and Lewis Kaplan.


School: Mason Gross School of the Arts

at Rutgers University 

Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Music


Elana has years of experience as a healer, working on people with a wide variety of symptoms. Amongst her specialties are helping to invoke a deep sense of serenity during the sessions. She is passionate about helping people to improve their quality of life. 

Elana's training as a healer began in childhood in the form of musical training. She came to the realization that one uses the same skill set for both music and healing. Whether tuning into the energy of composers, music students of healing clients, one uses intuition, sensitivity, and a touch of the divine to create powerful positive forces of change.  

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