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Vibrations Have No Limit for Healing

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Traditional frequencies link the human body to sound, crystal and energy healing. Sound and crystal healing take place on a physical level that can be easily understood and explained, but what many people don’t know is that energy healing can also be explained scientifically in such a way that connects to vibrational healing.

The human body is surrounded by a biomagnetic energy field healers describe as the aura. One instrument capable of measuring biomagnetic fields in the human aura is the superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) magnetometer, which has been used to study the hands of energy healers. It was observed that their hands emitted pulsation ranging between 0.3 and 30 hertz (cycles per second).

The brain and nerve sheaths work in this range of frequencies. It is said that healers’ hands can cause this range of frequencies to resonate within us, which in turn can stimulate the body’s repair process. Tuning forks can also create a healing response and do so with higher frequencies (such as 128 hertz, which spark nitric oxide production).

Crystals, which have their own healing properties and vibrational frequencies, lend themselves very well to sound and energy healing. Some help balance Chakras via Reiki, while others help with focus or relaxation. One has been described by those that hold it in the palm of their hand to feel like receiving an energy healing session.

Crystals can be also combined with sound healing to magnify healing intent, just as metal tuning forks can be placed on crystals to intensify the healing. Pure quartz crystal tuning forks can help supercharge the healing process. Each tuning fork and crystal is capable of its own unique healing effects. By combining them, the possibilities are limitless.

The vibrational link between these healing modalities provides a possible explanation for why distance healing is effective. A distance session occurs when the person receiving the session is not in the room with the healer at the time. Vibration can travel at great distances; we can hear a clap of thunder from miles away. In vibrational healing, it is believed that the healer’s intent directs the healing vibrations to travel where they are needed for the healing. Thus the recipient can be on the other side of the world and still receive the benefits.

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Elana Lehrer
Elana Lehrer
Jul 17, 2020


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